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F is for Fake

Vinland-kartan ska definitivt bestämmas vara fake, bl.a. med hjälp av RTI = Reflectance Transformation Imaging:

This will allow also a detailed perspective of the texture so that even the ink can be studied for its thickness and variation across the map. The analyses will also include reflectance transformation imaging (RTI), which is a technique that measures the color and shape of surface objects through lighting techniques from different angles. This helps to reveal hidden surface features such as marks or other information. Additional analysis will include x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) that can be used to show the spatial distribution of elements across different parts of the map or within areas of the map’s surface. The distribution of elements can help to demonstrate what type of instrument, and if it existed in the 15th century, created the map.

Också: “‘Catastrophe’: French museum discovers half of its collection are fakes“:

But an art historian brought in to reorganise the museum following the recent acquisition of around 80 paintings, found that nearly 60% of the entire collection was fake.