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Kreativ kanalisering

Jag läser Pitchforks recension av Vampire Weekends nya album Modern Vampires Of The City (för vad det är värt, men det högsta betyget där i år: 9.3):

The Vampire Weekend singer and lyricist gave up on his own Blogspot site, Internet Vibes, seven years ago, as he finished up his English studies at Columbia University (the final post’s title: “I HATE BLOGGING”). But before he graduated from the ye olde blogosphere, Koenig held forth on a vast array of topics– from geography, to Wellington boots, to music writerRobert Christgau‘s allegedly unfair critique of Billy Joel’s oeuvre– looking at everything from a incisively self-aware, curious, and optimistic angle. What’s most impressive is the way he’s able to connect art and ideas from different eras and continents into a kind of ecstatic worldview. One particularly inspired ramble spins an analytic web from a friend’s visit to Morocco, the history of the Strait of Gibraltar, a 1984 interview between Bob Dylan and Bono, the film The Secret of Roan Inish, and National Geographic‘s famed Afghan refugee cover– and not only does it make sense, it’s written in a way that’s funny and smart and completely inclusive. Pretty good for a 22-year-old kid from middle-class New Jersey. Now 28, Koenig’s creative medium has changed, but his omnivorous cultural appetite has not.

Jag kan inte tolka det på något annat sätt än att Koenig la av med bloggen och skapade istället tre tidlösa album. Rätt val.

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