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Kathy Ackers Mont Blanc-penna

Jag är alltid på jakt efter beskrivningar av vardagliga skrivsätt och metoder hos författare. Kathy Acker verkar ha haft en speciell relation till sina anteckningsböcker. Det här kommer från biografin över Kathy Acker, Eat Your Mind: The Radical Life and Work of Kathy Acker, av Jason McBride:

In lined, spiral-bound notebooks of various sizes, in handwriting that is loopy and almost childlike, Acker chronicles the ups and downs of her relationship with Neufeld, other sexual affairs, her half-hearted attempts at employment, gossip about writers, her own fragile mental and physical state, her dreams, her cats, books she’s reading, her thoughts on writing, compositional methods, memory, and representation. Even when broke, she usually used, as she would for the rest of her life, a Montblanc fountain pen. For the most part, these entries are rapid, raw, and intimate, a punctuation-free stream of consciousness, where one event or thought suddenly gives way to another, and subjects and subjectivities shift without warning or signpost. Seemingly factual events butt up against, or run headlong into, fantasy and dream. As in her later writing, friends, lovers, and colleagues appear frequently, their names unchanged.