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Via Mind Hacks, en PDF av antropologen Gabriella Colemans bok om hackerkultur, Coding Freedom. I likhet med andra antropologer har hon hängt djupt, i det här fallet i hacker-kretsar i San Francisco. Från en intervju hos Wired:

Wired: Did you get grief for not traveling to somewhere exotic?

Coleman: Yes. All the time. They just kind of laughed at it. They were like, ‘You’re so lucky. You get to be in San Francisco going to cafes and hanging out with hackers. I had to really sweat it out and be in the jungle. It was really difficult.’

It’s funny because my committee loved my dissertation, and it did very well and won all these prizes, but I always had trouble getting job talks in anthropology departments. Even today, I rarely get invited to give talks in anthropology departments.