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När ångestnivån sjunker

McSweeney’s har fyra stycken nära-framtids-berättelser om hur det kommer att fungera när allt är kvantifierbart i lifehacking/personlig informatik-anda:

She figured out Ben, her co-worker, well, whenever he was next to her, her Threshold Anxiety Level went south immediately, even when her overbearing supervisor was around. The data indicated this wasn’t just some loose correlation. I mean she started digging into data from five years back when Ben joined the office. The trend line was clear. Her TAL went down whenever Ben was around. At her annual LIFE REIMAGINED retreat with her circle of life-hacker girlfriends, she crowdsourced the decision. The data, again, was indisputable. Then came the lock-in. She met with our Life Coach/MD. He had determined that unless she could keep her TAL low, she would shave at least 10 years off of what he’d determined was her Optimized Potential Life Span. It was me or 10 more years of life with Ben.