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Framtida kompetens – the mashup!

The Institute for the Future har släppt en rapport om vilka kompetenser som behövs på arbetsmarknaden om 8 år. Det här är inte dom:

  • Think-making – Proficiency at thinking of what is being expressed
  • Literacy-sensing – The ability to critically assess the deeper meaning or significance
  • New-media load management – The ability to discriminiate and filter information that uses new media forms and to leverage these media for persuasive communication
  • Mind-set collaboration – The ability to work productively and develop tasks and work processes for desired outcomes.
  • Novel transcognition – Understand how to maximize cognitive functioning across multiple solutions and responses beyond that which is rote or rule-based
  • Virtual disciplinarity – Literacy in the ability to demonstrate prsence as a member of a virtual team
  • Intelligence design – The ability to represent others in a deep and direct way
  • Social adaptation – Coming up with solutions to sense and stimulate
  • Cross-computation – The ability to understand different data-based abstract concepts
  • Cultural competency – The ability to operate in cultural settings

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