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Slutet på Pepys

Russell Davies om varför vi bör fira fullbordandet av Pepys dagbok 31 maj 2012:

From the start it was clear that meant something. Clay Shirky said in 2003, talking about the emergence of blogs: “The vertigo moment for me was when Phil Gyford launched the Pepys weblog… What that said to me was: Phil was asserting, and I now believe, that weblogs will be around for at least ten years, because that’s how long Pepys kept a diary. And that was this moment of projecting into the future: this is now infrastructure we can take for granted.” In some worlds ten years isn’t very long: it’s not if you’re digging an undersea tunnel or discovering a cure for disease. But in the busy, silly world of early 21st-century media, making a ten-year assertion was a big deal — something akin to the Clock of the Long Now [se mitt inlägg om det].

  1. Åh, jag minns när Pepysdiary började …

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