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En tidslig koloni

Ett par stycken utdrag från två olika nyhetsbrev jag läste idag, och som fastnade. Först Venkatesh Rao på temat tid, framtid och teknologi:

Stepping back, I think it is important to understand innovation as the process of literally inventing time itself. The mark of success is that the present starts to feel dead, like the past, and the beachhead of the future in the present, let’s call it a Gibsonian temporal colony, feels like a portal for getting back into the present. So it’s almost like there’s been a time shift and you’ve been shifted back into the past and you have to step through a portal to get back to the present. There is a sense of inevitability to your experience of the new technology, and a sense of derealization — things seeming not quite real — in your continued experience of existing incumbent technologies.

Och så Dan Hon:

I feel like it’s one thing to say that we live in an Information Age or an Information Economy but honestly it feels more like we live in 99% of a Electronic Filing Cabinet Economy and 1% of an Information and Data-Informed Decision Making Economy.