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Om Láadan:

Láadan is more than a conlang. It is what is known as an engineered language, designed as an experiment to test a specific hypothesis. Quoted in the Afterword of the 2000 Feminist Press reprint of Native Tongue, Elgin stated her hypothesis was that ‘language is our best and most powerful resource for bringing about social change.’

After ten years and two more novels in the Native Tongue trilogy, Elgin believed that her hypothesis failed. ‘Láadan got very little attention,’ Elgin remarked in a 2007 interview. “Not once did any feminist magazine (or women’s magazine) ask me about the language or write a story about it.’ In fact, Klingon became the foil to her Láadan. ‘The Klingon language, which is as ‘masculine’ as you could possibly get, has had a tremendous impact on popular culture,’ Elgin observed.

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