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Refererat: Politiken i Narcos

Det här kommer rakt vänsterifrån, men eftersom jag har kollat ikapp på “Narcos” i sommar, så var det lite intressant att läsa The Jacobins analys – i “The Politics of Narcos” – av vilken bild av Pablo Escobar och Colombias politiska historia som målas upp i Netflix-serien. Avslutningen:

Narcos traffics in an image of Colombia that presents Medellin as a macho, nihilist utopia. Free-flowing booze and cocaine; ignorance styled as “outside the box” charm or intuition; a world organized around the petty male glory of the vendetta — all of this is combined to produce an atmosphere of rebellion against the limits of a present stifled by convention.

Narcos dreams a Medellin that is gone for good. But its resonance with the desire of a right-wing populism that craves unbridled power, the fascist spectacle of a man without limits, means it may be more an image of the future than the past.