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“Vad skulle Karin Dreijer göra?”

Ett lite lustigt ordbyte från Bruce Sterlings senaste “paranormala romans” Love Is Strange:

“So, tell me. What color am I, when I get out of your big, fancy salon torture chamber? Am I red? Am I green? Am I blue?”

“You are blonde.”

“No way! I’m already a blonde. Blonde is my natural color.”

“Not your kind of blonde. Not teenage Seattle girl blonde. Viking Goth blonde. Blonde like Karin from ‘Fever Ray.’”

Eliza’s eyes widened. “You know about Karin from ‘Fever Ray’?”

She paused.

“Uh, I didn’t think you’d much like Karin from ‘Fever Ray’.”

“I can’t stand that woman. I hate her music. But this is Europe! Every European Goth loves Karin from ‘Fever Ray.’”

“But, how do you know that?”

“Because I am a Futurist, of course! Karin from Fever Ray is a global fashion trend. Her trend is strong, and your parents don’t know that. They already know about your Goth, but when you hit them with that Goth, a high-fashion Goth from Viking Sweden, they won’t even know you’re still Gothic! Then, you win.”

Eliza thought this over. A new world dawned in her young mind.

“Wow. Now, I get it. Of course. That is so amazing! That could be, like, my new motto in life. ‘What Would Karin From Fever Ray Do?’”

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