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Den nya sortens kolgruva

Amazons stora varulager kallas för “fulfillment centers”, de anställda där för “associates in Amazon’s fulfilment centres”. Ett nyligen öppnat lager i engelska Rugeley är byggt ovanpå de kolgruvor som tidigare sysselsatte många i staden. Financial Times Magazine har en artikel om arbetsförhållandena där:

Others found the pressure intense. Several former workers said the handheld computers, which look like clunky scientific calculators with handles and big screens, gave them a real-time indication of whether they were running behind or ahead of their target and by how much. Managers could also send text messages to these devices to tell workers to speed up, they said. “People were constantly warned about talking to one another by the management, who were keen to eliminate any form of time-wasting,” one former worker added.


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