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Från Los Angeles Book Review (igen), en uppskattande recension av svenske (förvisso vid Yale nu) filosofen Martin Hägglunds bok Dying for Time : Proust, Woolf, Nabokov:

Dying for Time delivers a revolutionary reading of the ways in which modernist writers express elemental aspects of human existence. In the process, it disproves the idea that deconstruction — or, indeed, literary theory per se — is always off-puttingly arid and abstract. […] This is a book that brings literature and theory into forceful collision with life’s underlying realities. The resulting insight is resolutely atheistic: neither art nor thought allows access to another world of timeless perfection. Instead, each is irreducibly interwoven with the world in which we live. Some say that literary theory is dead, out of fashion, a thing of the past. But Hägglund shows how it can and should go on living: in unflinching fidelity to how it feels to be human.

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