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The Appendix – med undertiteln “A new journal of narrative & experimental history” – är något att utforska, och något som jag nog får återkomma till. Det här väckte mitt intresse, från en intervju med grundarna Christopher Heaney och Brian Jones hos Contents Magazine:

The Appendix grew out of our collective frustration with the ways that academic publishing forces historians and other academics to elide many of the most interesting aspects of their research. […] So the original idea that motivated us when we were formulating The Appendix was to create a forum for the sort of stuff that gets cut from academic history writing, but at the same time to push back against the notion that “popular” history has to be dumbed down. We were also looking to engage with people who weren’t historians, but who were still interested in archives and stories about the past, like non-fiction and creative writers, visual artists, and journalists.

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