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Taylor Swift, dekonstruerad

En parentes från gårdagens länkade artikel om Jacques Derrida (min fetstil):

(Derrida would reject this description of deconstruction, just as he refused to call it a form of critique, or method, or indeed to give it any positive definition at all; to do so would be to give it an identity as susceptible to deconstruction as any other. Deconstruction was, rather, a process that could be revealed as being at work in a text.)

Det där sista är något som Voyou Désœuvré i en essä hos The New Inquiry visar vara fallet med Taylor Swifts låttexter:

Speak Now” [Spotify-länk] is such a perfectly Derridean title because it exemplifies the link between speech and presence that Derrida sees in phonocentrism: speech, on the phonocentric model, must always happen now, in the present to someone who is present. In this respect, the song lives up to its title, because it tells the story of an act of speech that doesn’t take place, and it tells this story through instances of speech that aren’t happening now. Early in the song, Swift imagines what she will say, and at the end of the song she reports what was said, but the moment of speech itself doesn’t appear in the song.


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