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The Bourne Doping

Nu verkar ju det mesta ha bytts för den nya Bourne-filmen (regissör, manusförfattare och Matt Damon) – “The Bourne Legacy” – men det här med den kognitiva dopningen i den verkar onekligen göra det intressant. Från New Yorkers recension (som konstaterar att serien tappat stinget i samband med att Damon inte längre är med; tyvärr är recensionen bakom betalvägg):

Aaron Cross hasn’t been brushed clean like Bourne; on the contrary, he’s been given drugs to enhance his physical and intellectual prowess. If Bourne was twentieth-century man, Cross is twenty-first-century man, a reëngineered human being whose basic nature has been toyed with. Cross has become the ultimate pill freak: he has to keep popping “chems” or he will undergo withdrawal, and then God only knows what will happen to him. […] At times, as Renner shakes and worries, the movie seems, rather absurdly, to be about an addict who needs his next fix.