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Lite saker om Alan Turing jag stött på den senaste tiden:

Kevin Kelly myntar termen "Turing'd", när människan överträffas av beräkningsmaskiner:

We have this long list of tasks and occupations that we humans believe only humans can do. Used to be things like using tools, language, painting, playing chess. Now, one by one they get Turing'd. A computer beats them. Does it better.

So far we've can check off arithmetic, spelling, flying planes, playing chess, wiring chips, scheduling tasks, welding, etc. All have been Turing'd.
Scientific American om en pjäs, Pure, om Alan Turing:

Pure suggests that Turing may have turned his attention to artificial intelligence--a field that explores, at its core, the meaning of life--to celebrate Chris's life and let it live on in his work. In almost every scene, Turing has a brief conversation with the dead Chris; it later becomes clear that the entire play is set in the hazy moments before Turing's death, when he is hallucinating or perhaps communicating with Chris's spirit in the afterlife.
Clive Thompson om videospel som är bortom Turing:

Videogames, in effect, are beyond Turing. As Bart Simon, a sociologist who studies videogames at Concordia University in Montreal, put it in a recent paper (.doc): "The solo game is posthumanistically social." It's about the pleasures of hanging out with machines even when you're aware they're merely machines.
(Förresten, för en bra sammanfattning av spelforskning den senaste tiden, se Game Studies Download 2008).

Och så George Dysons förläsning "Turing's Cathedral" hos Google, om datamaskinernas idéhistoria under 1900-talet, med fokus på Turing, von Neumann, Gödel och de andra vid Princetons Institute for Advanced Studies:


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