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I ett finfint inlägg, som egentligen kommenterar Malcolm Gladwells senaste New Yorker-artikel om bristerna hos Facebook-aktivismen, hyllar Anil Dash "mejk"-rörelsen (se tidigare inlägg) - den mest positiva politiska rörelsen just nu på jordklotet:

More importantly, the jobs that many of us have in 2030 will be determined by young people who attended a Maker Faire, in industries that they've created. There is no other political movement in America today with a credible claim at creating the jobs of the future.


It wasn't the birthers or the truthers who earned the nod for helping shape America's future: It was the makers. Their protests, their sit-ins, take the simple form of making things and sharing them with each other, online and off. The quietness of their ways, the heads-down determination of the scientist instead of the chin-jutting attitude of the street fighter, might make them easy to overlook. But that doesn't mean that it's not a significant and enduring movement. it doesn't mean the will of these millions of people doesn't count, simply because it's expressed in a way that doesn't look like protest did five decades ago.


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