Kvasi-allmänningar: alla förlorar!

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Efter att jag postade om Flickrs The Commons har jag upptäckt (via: adactio) att personen som till stor del ligger bakom projektet, George Oates, har fått sparken från Yahoo, som en del av nedskärningarna på vårt favoritinternetföretag.

Han Hon skriver på sin blogg:

When I got up to my room, I saw a text message from my manager, asking if he could call me on Friday at 9am. I wrote back to say I was going to be on a bus full of people at that time, and that I was awake now if he wanted to call. The phone rang.

"I'll just get straight to the point. You've been affected by the layoffs."

He told me he was reading from a script he was required to follow, and that he needed an address to send some sort of "Agreement" to me in Australia, and needed it sent back by December 19. Before I'd even finished the call, I twittered (to my private account):

"Wow. I just got fired." I was immediately distressed.

Som Jeremy Keith säger:

The Commons is not just one of the finest achievements on Flickr, it's a shining example of just how great the web can be. If the project dies because of the idiotic actions of some short-sighted bean counters at Yahoo, it will be a great loss for you, me and our culture.

Mm, vad händer när man lägger kulturarvssatsningar hos kommersiella företag?


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